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Time Care Plan

We have yet to meet someone with a crystal ball; or someone who can turn back time. What we can do is ensure we safe guard ourselves. The Time Care Plan ensures that together we manage your debts and investment as best we can; it will help you protect yourselves and your assets.

Time Home Loans has created a Debt Management Care Plan, Investment Management Care Plan and an Accelerated Debt Reduction Care Plan for clients who feel they need more assistance with their finances and structures.

It is known as the Time Care Plan. This program has three arms to it:

1. Debt Management Care Plan. This service is designed for clients who need direction with their debt and a more constant helping hand. We have invested in simple budget programs that allow our clients to live within their means and educating them to ensure they can handle any changes that may come to light.

2. Investment Management Care Plan. This service assists our investors to acquire investment properties and the platform to build on their investment at a rate they feel they can manage. The Time Care Plan will help you take advantage of any tax benefits etc to ensure loans are structured in such a way that the benefit is transparent and the goal is clear.

3. Accelerated Debt Reduction Care Plan. Repaying your home loan is no simple task. At Time Home Loans our Accelerated Debt Reduction Care Plan is designed to help repay your home loan sooner.

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