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Why use a Time Mortgage Adviser?

At Time Home Loans we have realised that our clients prefer our service for many different reasons:

1. We work for our client, not the Bank.

Although the lenders pay us a commission, our business will not survive without clients. As you can see – a great reason for us to appreciate and service our clients.

2. We put you first

We only have one client – that is you. Our business survive by doing business with you and delivering a service second to none so that you also refer any of your contacts to us, because your personal experience made it clear that you are not a number to us, but truly a person with needs and goals. We work around you to ensure the process is tailored for you.

3. We save you money

By improving your financial position with better loan structures and competitive rates, you can see the benefit. Not to mention yourself having to try and deal with numerous lenders and try and get the right deal. We do it all for you because we have the expertise and our clients benefit through this in the long run.

4. Last, but by no way the least – WE SAVE YOU TIME

Contact a Mortgage Adviser today! We take the hassle out of home loans. You have direct access to the Mortgage Advisers and our Client Managers. We love the fact that we are large enough to rely on, but small enough to care.

Let us look out for your best interest and take care of one of the most important transactions in your life – financing your loan.

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