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When you are falling in love with a property in a city like Brisbane and you have three other buyers competing for it, how do you make sure that you stand out so you can be the final buyer of the property?

Unless you’re willing to fork out a significant amount of extra money, you will need to have other advantages on your side to persuade the seller and their agent to consider your proposal. More favourable finance terms that come part and parcel with your home loan can add a big advantage.

Time Home Loans 7-day finance terms

Get your foot in the door first. When it comes to buying a home, in most cases, the reality is such that the person who can access finance first will have a significant advantage over other interested buyers.

Time Home Loans understands how difficult it can be to go through the loan approval process and how long it can take. That’s why we walk the journey with you from start to finish so that in the moment you lay eyes on your dream home or your next investment property you don’t have to worry about scrambling to get finance.

Our 7-day finance terms allow you to place an offer with the confidence that you’ll be able to access funds much faster than if you were to take out a loan directly with your bank or other lending institution. These terms allow you to know how much finance you can access within 7 days of your application being processed whether you’re applying for:

How do 7-day finance terms give your home loan a competitive advantage?

Everyone has different finance terms they can offer to the seller as part of their proposal to buy a house. The seller doesn’t know you or any of the other interested buyers. They make their decision based on what’s in their best interest which is selling their property as soon as possible for the highest amount they can get.

Being able to offer a 7-day finance clause is most certainly in their best interest and is quite accommodating. These terms have a significantly shorter time frame than what a seller would typically expect.

During the time the buyer specifies in their finance clause, sellers are left completely in the dark about what is happening and how likely a buyer is to secure the necessary funds. This is the only part of the process that the seller and their agent have no control over and they are left waiting until the end of the specified period to know where they stand with the buyer. The length of this period is completely within the discretion of the interested buyer and is usually a minimum of 30 days.

7-day terms gives the seller peace of mind knowing that they have not wasted much time. They can also be more confident that their property will sell quickly and seamlessly, with minimal risk of losing prospective buyers in the process.

How can our home loans offer such favourable terms to you?

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If there’s one thing you learn about our team from the get-go it’s that we do our homework. We like taking care of most of the legwork upfront so that you can be in a safer and more comfortable position when the time comes for you to buy your dream home or your next investment property.

We’ll make sure that we have as much of the paperwork taken care of before your proposal is signed. Once there’s a signature on that dotted line, we’ll put things in motion immediately to ensure you can go to the bank or lending institution within 48 hours and seek your desired outcome.

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